Pressure Conversion

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The Tecmark Series EP1226 level sensors are solid state, non-contact level sensor monitors liquid level in a variety of applications. Encapsulated in a low-profile enclosure, the electronic mass sensor is configured to work either in conjunction with the Tecmark EP1227, EP3000, or WBA timer or as a stand-alone device. Designed for use with non-metallic containers. The sensor mounts via double sided adhesive backed foam tape to the dry side of the container.

Stand-Alone System

Powering the relay coil the sensor provides a logic signal to energize when a preselected fluid level has been attained increasing or decreasing (based on level sensor model.) If fluid level drops below, (or above), the sensor actuation point during normal operation, the control will de-energize.

Typical Applications

Series EP1226 Electronic Liquid Level Sensors monitor level in a variety of applications, including whirlpool hydrotherapy bathtubs, residential and commercial applications, spas, swimming pools, drain pumps, tanks and wells.

Sealed in a low-profile enclosure. Open circuit boards are available. Wire leads stripped and retained ends (red, black, and green). UL recognized USA/Canada.Mounts easily. Ability to be field calibrated.Power input: Power from Tecmark Timer or 9-30 VDC, 200mA min. Output: 9-30 VDC (nominal 100Ma max @ 12 VDC) Operating Temperature: 0˚ to 158˚F (-17˚ to 70˚C)