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Home > Pressure Switches > Series 4000 Pressure Switch Specifications

Series 4000 Pressure Switch Specifications

Series 4000 Pressure Switch

Series 4000 Pressure Switch

Series 4000 pressure switches convert a pressure signal to an electrical output. In response to a change in pressure, movement of an elastomeric diaphragm opens or closes an electrical circuit based on a predetermined pressure set point. The Series 4000 features cost effective, snap-acting electrical switches and field adjustable set points with a visual scale for easy set point selection. Pressure ranges as low as 2" (500 Pa) Water Column (W.C.)* up to 11 PSI (76 kPa) are available. Series 4000 switches assure control stability through wide and variable temperature and humidity conditions and assure uninterrupted service under extreme shock and vibration. As with all Tecmark® products, series 4000 switches provide superior performance and 100,000 cycle life under full mechanical, electrical and thermal loads.

*27.7" water column = 1 PSI

Typical Applications

Commonly used as an interlock device to sense air, gas or water pressure at a specific point, Series 4000 switches provide on/off control of:

  • Electric or gas heaters
  • Pumps
  • Small air compressors
  • Electric Strip heaters in VAV systems
  • Waste oil heating systems
  • Food processing equipment
  • Residential boilers
  • Other electrical equipment in pneumatic, gas or fluid flow systems

Basic Construction

  • One piece injection molded switch pan
  • Elastomeric diaphragm eliminates the need for an oil barrier
  • Field adjustable pressure set points. Factory calibration available upon request
  • Built in over pressure protection designed to eliminate stress on other critical operating components
  • UL Recognized, Canadian and United States, as an operating, limit or safety control
  • Available with CE approved electrical snap switches/li>

Available Features

  • Pressure ranges as low as 2" WC up to 11 PSI (500 kPa to 76 kPa)
  • SPST or SPDT switching logic
  • 1/4" male quick connect for electrical connections
  • A variety of mounting pan and pressure fitting materials; stainless steel, injection molded plastic and plated steel
  • Wide array of pressure fittings; 1/8" NPT male, 1/4" NPT male, 3/16" barbed, 1/8", 3/16" or 1/4" compression, or 1/8" NPT female with 1/2" conduit male external thread for mounting
  • Optional pressure set point locking mechanism
  • Specialty diaphragm materials; Buna-N, EPDM, Hydrin

Ratings and Specifications

  • Maximum Operating Pressure and Hydrostatic burst pressure, varies based on model configurations. Consult factory for specific application needs.
  • Electrical ratings to 25 amp, 250 VAC
  • Field tested critical components specifically selected to operate reliably in temperature extremes of 32° to 190°F (0°C to 88°C)
  • 100,000+ cycle life under full mechanical, electrical and thermal loads

Design Flexibility

Tecmark's manufacturing philosophy is unique. In an effort to provide you with a product that is most suited to your application, Series 4000 switches incorporate numerous interchangeable components for the ultimate in design flexibility. This means a product tailored to your needs without the high price and long lead times associated with custom manufacturing. If you have a need and don't see the features you require, please ask us!

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