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Series SAFPAC Control Package

Series SAFPAC Control Package

The LectricAir® SAFPAC controls are air actuated electrical switch systems that promote intrinsically safe control of electrical devices. The SAFPAC control system is comprised of three basic components: the plug-in the wall controller, the air transmitter, and an interconnecting air hose. The SAFPAC control is available with a single outlet or up to four female outlet receptacles. The SAFPAC controller can be used with a variety of Tecmark's pressure transmitter and tubing combinations. When the transmitter is depressed, air in the transmitter is displaced through rubber tubing to an air switch or air switched timer housed in the plug-in-the-wall controller box. The air switch completes or interrupts the electrical circuit, turning on or off the electrical device, which has been plugged into the controller's grounded receptacle.

Available Features

  • Hand actuated transmitters can be located up to 10 ft. from controller. Foot pedal transmitter up to 100 ft.
  • Easily installed; no tools required
  • Convenient; foot pedal transmitter leaves hands free for control and safety
  • Safe to use; the operator presses a non-electrical pressure transmitter to complete or interrupt the electric circuit
  • Requires no batteries; cannot be falsely triggered by transient noise or radio frequency
  • Heavy-duty air switch, life cycle tested electrically and mechanically in excess of 100,000 cycles. Male power cord sets available in various lengths (consult factory)

Styles Available

  • Alternate Action; press for on, press again and release for off
  • Momentary, press for on, release for off
  • Time delay; press for on and product will stay energized until factory set sequence times out or until a second press of the transmitter is detected

Ratings and Approvals

  • Electrical Rating: up to 15 amps @ 110-120 VAC 60 Hz., Indoor use only.
  • Approvals: UL Listed, CSA Approved

Design Flexibility

Tecmark’s manufacturing philosophy is unique. In an effort to provide you with a product that is most suited to your application, the SAFPAC control incorporates numerous interchangeable components for the ultimate in design flexibility. This means a product tailored to your needs without the high price and long lead times associated with custom manufacturing. If you have a need and don’t see the features you require, please ask us!

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